Professional: Flex Fees Explained

We realize your order volume may fluctuate above the order limit for your plan at times. 

  • You can view your order volume* by clicking Account in the navigation bar and then select Plans & Billing.  
  • Under your Current Plan and AutoFile Enrollment details, you should see your monthly order volume for each month of sales data we've imported for you.

If you happen to go over your order limit for your plan one month, you will be charged the price of the plan that matches your order volume for the month when the overage occurred.

  • Rest assured that we'll never add any additional penalty fees because you went over your plan for one month.
  • However, if this begins to occur frequently, it's totally up to you to decide if you want to upgrade to the plan that best matches your order volume. 

We go into more detail as to what is considered an order here. If you’re looking for further assistance in determining the best plan for your account, please reach out to Support to review your account and discuss your options. 

*Please note it is expected for the number of API calls to be 2-3 times higher than the number of order transactions (i.e., 100 order transactions for every 300 API calls), and sometimes even greater. You can see this breakdown by hovering over the number of transactions under your Transaction History within the Plans & Billing page.