Billing: What happens if I change my subscription plan in the middle of the billing cycle?

If you switch your TaxJar subscription plan from Monthly to Annual, Annual to Monthly, or to a higher or lower transaction limit plan, the change will be effective immediately

When this happens, TaxJar's system will automatically prorate a credit for the remaining time on your current plan, deduct that from the cost of your new plan, and charge any remainder to the card on file immediately.

  • Please note: you will still be charged immediately for any difference between the prorated cost of the new subscription plan for the remainder of the billing cycle and the prorated credit for the remainder of the billing cycle.
  • If the prorated credit is larger than the cost of your new plan, the credit will continue to apply to subsequent payments.
    • You're always able to see the credit applied in your Receipts listed here in your Plan & Billing page.

How does this affect my billing cycle date? 

  • If you are switching your plan from Monthly to Annual or vice versa, this will also change your subscription billing cycle date to the date that this change was made.
  • If you are switching to a higher or lower transaction limit plan but keeping the same Monthly or Annual billing frequency, your billing cycle date will not change.