If I'm enrolled for AutoFile, how can I apply a state credit to my tax payment?

If you've received a notice from the state that you have a credit,  please share a copy of the change of credit notice you received from the state with us at support@taxjar.com.

  • Once we have a copy of that notice, our filing team can determine how to proceed with getting this credit applied to your next return in that state.

When the credit is applied to your AutoFile return, you will receive a confirmation email from our filing team.

  • Please note that when you view your TaxJar Filing History, you will see the actual return amount before the credit listed under Tax Amount Paid, however, that is not the amount you paid to the state.
  • Because that was the actual amount of the filing, that is how we record filings in your Filing History and we exclude any credits from the state. However, your total payment will be the Tax Amount Paid minus the credit.
  • All amounts will be detailed in the confirmation email sent by our filing team.