How to connect TaxJar to your Shopify account

TaxJar Reports and AutoFile will work for all versions of Shopify subscriptions, and you have two options to connect TaxJar to your Shopify account. You can either initiate the connection for Shopify from within TaxJar or install TaxJar directly from the Shopify App Store.

1. How to connect Shopify from within TaxJar

You can connect your Shopify account to TaxJar in your  Linked Accounts page.

Clicking this will take you to the Shopify setup page. On this page, you will directed to install the TaxJar Sales Tax Automation app via your Shopify account.

Once the TaxJar app is installed via your Shopify account, your Shopify account with be successfully linked with TaxJar.

💡 If you're having any trouble connecting to Shopify, we walk you through some troubleshooting steps here.

2. How to install TaxJar directly from the Shopify App Store

Go the Shopify App Store, search for "TaxJar" (or click here) and select the “Install” button.

Then all you need is complete the steps that are prompted on screen, such as signing into your TaxJar account and then you’re done! 

Once you connect your Shopify account, TaxJar will automatically import your Shopify transactions with the following statuses:

  • Paid
  • Refunded
  • Partially_refunded

To learn more about TaxJar's integration with Shopify, check out our support articles here.