Shopify: Categorizing tax exempt products and classifying tax exempt transactions

As we share here, Shopify has its own built-in sales tax collection functionality. You will need to enable and configure this sales tax collection functionality on your own. 

  • If you’re looking to learn how to set up calculations for your Shopify store, we recommend checking out the Shopify Tax Manual to help you with getting started.

 TaxJar does not receive tax exemption information when transactions are imported from Shopify. To ensure that your TaxJar Sales Tax Reports display the most accurate information, please see the below steps.

If you need to categorize tax exempt products
, you can achieve this from the Product Categorization & Exemptions feature in your TaxJar account.

  • In this support guide, we walkthrough how to categorize your exempt products using the Product and Exemptions feature.

If you need to classify an order as tax exempt, you can achieve this from the Transactions tab of your TaxJar account.

If you need help with connecting your Shopify store with TaxJar, check out our Shopify Connection Guide here to help you get connected.