How are Amazon transactions imported via Shopify displayed in TaxJar?

Shopify discontinued the existing Amazon sales channel that supported direct Shopify sales via Amazon, effective September 27, 2021.

Before September 27, 2021, if you had Shopify linked to your TaxJar account and your Amazon transactions were being imported via Shopify, TaxJar displayed those transactions as  Shopify transactions in your Transactions page.

With this recent change, Shopify is encouraging sellers to integrate a 3rd party plug-in to continue selling Shopify sales on Amazon.

  •  We are not able to suggest Shopify Amazon plug-ins at this time. Because TaxJar did not build and cannot control maintenance for 3rd party plug-ins, we cannot guarantee they would work for your particular business configuration. 

We've updated how our system recognizes Amazon-imported sales into Shopify to identify your Marketplace Facilitator exempt transactions.

  • If you have integrated a 3rd party plug-in, we strongly recommend checking your transactions to make sure they're being marked exempt. Please note, due to the wide variety of plug-ins available, our system may not recognize all 3rd party plug-in configurations. 
  • If you find your 3rd party-plug in is not supporting marketplace sales as exempt, please let us know the name of your plug-in, the website and we can add it as a future feature request. 
  • For more detail about states where Marketplace Facilitators are collecting sales tax, please see the articles here.