Can I print my Reports?

Your TaxJar Report summarizes your data from your transactions into formatted state Sales Tax Reports to help you fill out sales tax returns online.

We can suggest a few printing options that may be helpful for TaxJar Starter accounts:

  •  In the Chrome browser, you can print a page, but instead of sending to a printer, you can pick a "save to pdf" option, then print the pdf.
  • From your browser, you can screenshot the page and save it; then print the file that you save. Some users have told us printing from the browser works best if you select no margins and change the layout to landscape view.
  •  You may also be able to expand all the tables seen in the state Sales Tax Reports and then copy and paste the details in the tables into an Excel sheet. Once you do this, it usually parses fairly nicely. 

As a reminder, all TaxJar customers can export and print transactions from their Transactions page.