August 2019: Hawaii Report Updates

Does TaxJar support Hawaii's Wholesaling tax?

Yes! We now support reporting your Wholesaling tax for Hawaii which will make Filing easier for you! 

  • Our Hawaii Reports will now display the special wholesaling tax that applies to wholesale transactions.

What's changed?

We've added the row Sales Subject to Wholesaling Tax and also updated another row to Sales Subject to Retailing + Surcharge Tax. Please note that the amount listed in the Sales Subject to Wholesaling Tax row is determined by the Transactions that you have marked as tax-exempt for wholesale within the filing period. 

  • We explain how to mark Transactions as tax-exempt for wholesale reasons in this blog post.

Here's what the top of the Hawaii Report looks like now:

This update means that your Hawaii Report now supports the 0.5% reduced rate for your wholesale sales:

Your retail (non-wholesale) sales will be accounted for in the Sales Subject to Retailing + Surcharge Tax* row here:

* The Surcharge Tax is referring to the Hawaii County Surcharge Tax.

The updated Hawaii Report will also have separate sections for Wholesaling Sales and then Retailing Sales: