Where do I enter my Sales Tax ID in TaxJar?

Where do I enter my Sales Tax ID in TaxJar?

After you receive your Sales Tax ID from the state, you can enter this information in TaxJar in your State nexus settings:

Please note, you can enter in your Federal Tax ID in your Business Profile.

What is a Federal Tax ID or FEIN?

This is your Federal Employer Identification Number and it's a unique nine-digit number issued to your business by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS.) The IRS assigns a FEIN to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification once you've applied for this number.

What is a State Tax ID?

Your State Tax ID will be your sales tax account number, sales tax permit number, certificate number, license number or account ID. We call this ID the State Tax ID because the name for it varies by state.