Can TaxJar provide me with a list of sales tax rates?

Does TaxJar have a chart of sales tax rates for each state?

No--at the moment, TaxJar doesn't provide a list, chart, downloadable sheet or anything similar that lists sales tax rates for each state.

  • Sales tax rates change periodically across many states, counties, cities, districts, and other local jurisdictions.
  • TaxJar's SmartCalcs API will consider nexus, sourcing, and other sales tax calculation factors mentioned in this article when calculating sales tax rates.

What if I'm not going to build my own custom integration with the SmarCalcs API, how can I look up sales tax rates?

We just recommend using TaxJar's Sales Tax Calculator to look up the full combined sales tax rate for an address. 

Please note that the Sales Tax Calculator doesn't support nexus determination, sourcing, product tax-exemptions (or, product-specific reduced rates), or sales tax holidays.

  • If you need any of the above factors considered in your sales tax rates, we'd recommend using the SmartCalcs API.
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