How can a TaxJar Tax Advisor disconnect a client?

Please email with your client's email address.

  • We will remove your client's account for you and convert their TaxJar to be individually billed. 
  • Please note, if your client has not updated their billing information, we will notify them that they have 3 days to update their billing information.  Otherwise, their account will be suspended until they update the billing information.
  • If the client already had a credit card on file, this card will be automatically charged for their subscription Plan as soon as they are disconnected from your TaxJar Advisor account, and there will be no interruption of their AutoFile enrollments.

If your client is currently enrolled in AutoFile, once we disconnect the account, our system will not AutoFile returns for accounts in a "Trial" or "Canceled" status. 

  • To avoid interruption of AutoFile service, we would recommend that your client log in to their Individual TaxJar account immediately after the account is disconnected to choose a subscription plan and add their billing details.
  • After adding billing details and reviewing their plan, they should click the green "Confirm" button at the bottom of the page.