Billing: Duplicate charges

I only have one account but I'm getting charged twice.

If you have one TaxJar account and believe you are being charged twice, you may have signed up for a TaxJar trial twice using a different email address.

When you're charged for your subscription, we send a confirmation email with the subject "Thanks for Your Payment" - please locate that email to confirm which email address you use to set up your active TaxJar account. 

Please e-mail with the following details:

  1. E-mail addresses that received both confirmation emails. If you have emails forwarding to one address, please provide all possible email addresses.
    • If you cannot recall or provide another email address, you will need to confirm the type of card that is being billed, the dates of each charge, the last 4 digits of the card, the zip code on file with the bank for the card and the expiration date. 
  2. If you cannot locate other email addresses, a copy or screenshot of the duplicate charge from your financial statement
  3. Please confirm which account you wish to cancel.

Our support team will review and reply with next steps.