Important Information about Returns for Idaho AutoFile Customers

At this time, TaxJar’s AutoFile service for Idaho submits a return for destination based Sales Tax Returns.

TaxJar does NOT currently AutoFile sales tax returns for Idaho's local option taxes.

  • Some Idaho resort cities and three auditorium districts have a local sales tax in addition to the state sales tax. These local sales taxes are sometimes also referred to as local "option" taxes because the taxes are decided by the voters in the community affected.
  • The Idaho State Tax Commission Sales Tax Hub has more information on filing local option taxes and contact information. If you have questions regarding local option taxes, please contact the state with the provided phone numbers directly.

If you need to file returns for local option taxes, TaxJar does not support filing by AutoFile.  You will be responsible for submitting those returns and payments.

We may add support for filing returns for local option taxes in the future. If you would like to request this feature, please contact to let us know you are interested in adding this feature to Idaho AutoFile.