Kentucky: How to grant 3rd party access to TaxJar in your Kentucky Online Gateway account

To begin your enrollment, you will first need to grant TaxJar 3rd party access to your state tax account.

Here's how to do this:

1) Login to your business account at

2) When you are logged in, launch your Kentucky Business One Stop. You will then see a My Businesses tab. Below this, you will see the option to Manage Permissions. Click here. 

3) Choose the Organization Name you wish to give access to and click Manage:

Step 1: Select Invite Users tab

  • Search the email address:

Step 2: Your search will return TPS Unlimited, a shown. Click "Select" to choose this user.

Click OK. This will populate the New User information on the next page for you. 

Step 3: Select Organization Roles 
Click Add beside each of the following roles and confirm: 
  • Sales and Use Tax Viewer
  • Sales and Use Tax Filer
  • Sales and Use Tax Payer

Important: In order to AutoFile for you, we will need permissions to view, file, and make payments to your account.

Click " Send Pending Invitations"
Once this has been completed, please return to your Kentucky AutoFile Enrollment form, complete the fields, and save your form. Our team will review your account information and send you an email update. 

If you need additional assistance granting access, please reach out to the Kentucky Department of Revenue at 502-564-5170.