Why Can't I Change an Order's "Reporting Date"?

The first time a transaction is created in your account, the ’transaction_date’ you provide will become both the "Completed At" (date of the transaction) and the "Reporting Date" (the reporting period the transaction is included in) for that transaction. Important: When an order is initially created and the ‘transaction_date’ would place the order in a period that has been marked paid or closed, the "Reporting Date" will automatically update so that the transaction is included in the next possible filing.

When you update an order through the API with a new ‘transaction_date’, the Completed At date will change to match, but the Reporting Date will not change.

A transaction’s Reporting Date can only be updated with a CSV import at this time. If you need to change the Reporting Date of a transaction, including transactions created via the API, you will need to do so by importing a CSV file with the desired changes.
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