What do I need to enroll in AutoFile for Vermont?

To enroll in AutoFile for Vermont, you'll need the details listed below:

Vermont AutoFile Enrollment FAQ

What's my  State Registered Business Name?

  • This is the business name you provided to the state when you registered for your sales tax license.
  • It should be listed on your sales tax registration paperwork.
What's my VT State Tax ID?
  • This is the state certificate number you received from the state when you registered for your sales tax license. It is 11 characters that always begins with SUT followed by 8 numbers formatted as: SUT-12345678.
Additionally, to complete the enrollment, you'll need to grant TaxJar 3rd party access by following these steps:  
Login to your  myVTax account and click the "I Want To" tab followed by the "Manage Third Party Access" link.  
1. Add Access
  • Click "Add or Update Access" on the Third Party Logons line.
  • Enter Third party Username- Type "TaxJar"
  • Name should then appear as "TaxJar"
  • Access levels choose - "Allow only this login to access my account(s)" 
  • Define access to your account(s) for Account Type "Sales & Use" please check "Add Access" checkbox 
  • Click "Next"

2. Sales and Use Account

  • For Tax Years to grant access choose: All Periods
  • For the question, "which access level do you wish to grant?" choose "View, File Returns, and Make Payments"
  • Check box to confirm you would like to grant access
  • Click "Submit"

Once you complete this step, we will be able to locate your Vermont sales tax account and verify your account information. 

What's my  State Assigned Payment Schedule?

  • This is the filing frequency assigned to you by the Vermont DOR.
  • If you're not sure of this detail for your account, you can contact the state's DOR and ask them to confirm this detail for you. (We list contact details for the states here.)
What's my  First Filing Period?
  • Pending successful verification, the period listed here is the estimated first filing period TaxJar will file.
  • The First Filing period is based on the date the enrollment form is saved and the payment schedule.