Florida April 2019: Missing 2.5% surtax column in the DR-15 form

As of April 2019, to our understanding, Florida has not yet updated the discretionary sales surtax worksheet in the DR-15 return form to reflect counties with a 2.5% surtax.

Our research team spoke with Florida about this and until that update takes place, we suggest using the workaround below rather than using the worksheet:

15a) Amounts over $5000 = This amount is not tracked specifically in the TaxJar Report for Florida. Enter $0 unless you have outside sales that fall into this category.
15b) Amounts not subject to surtax = Taxable Sales Not Subject to Discretionary Surtax
15c) Amounts at a different rate =
Sales Subject to Discretionary Surtax at a Rate Different Than Your County's
15d) Total Surtax =
Sales Subject to Discretionary Surtax - Tax Due OR add the sum of surtax amounts at each rate.

Here is what this section of the return looks like on the state's form:
Here is where you can find these details in your TaxJar Report: