Address Validation

What is address validation?

Because tax rates are based on the buyer's location, a valid buyer's address is necessary to ensure the most accurate rate for the buyer's exact location. 

  • When you verify and validate your customer's address, you can more accurately collect sales tax based on the correct address. 
TaxJar Professional offers address validation as an added feature to help increase the accuracy of the sales tax rates you’re collecting to make collecting sales tax for the correct address easier than ever.
  • TaxJar’s rooftop accuracy, combined with our address validation service increases the overall accuracy of tax rates used on all of your transactions.

How does it work?

TaxJar will generate a list of address matches from /v2/addresses/validate, usually one match if a full address is provided. 

  • The user input is optional and based on your implementation. 
  • If your calculations are triggered automatically by internal integrations, the first match (if available) can be used to clean up the address and add a ZIP+4 postal code prior to making a calculation. 
  • If an address can not be found, please flag the order to be reviewed due to a potentially bad address. 
  • The address validation is a separate API call, and /v2/taxes and /v2/rates will remain unchanged for performance. To see more, visit our developer site for address validation
  • It's important to note that the address validation endpoint is a non-billable endpoint and there is no limitation on the number of calls that can be made to this endpoint.

How do I get started?

We're here to help! You can contact the Professional support team within your TaxJar Account > Support.