Why am I getting a reminder for this state?

TaxJar sends Sales Tax Due Date reminder emails to active customers who have an upcoming filing deadline on their Dashboard.

Sometimes you'll see a state listed in this email that you weren't expecting and here's why:

1) Our system automatically adds states to the "States in which you are collecting sales tax and filing manually" section of your Dashboard if we see sales tax collected on an order that was shipped to that state. We'll default to a monthly due date for new states where you have not set your filing frequency.

  • If you don't recall collecting tax in a state, you can quickly see the order(s) with tax collected by filtering the State Name and "sales tax was collected" here in your Transactions.
  • If you determine that you don't have nexus in this state and you accidentally collected this tax, you can refund the tax collected to the customer.  
  • To remove states from your dashboard, visit your State nexus settings and click the "Edit" link next to the state you'd like to remove.
    • Next, scroll to the bottom of the State settings page and click the "Remove Nexus" button.
    • This will remove the state from your dashboard and you will not receive reminders for this state and you won't receive reminders for this state again.

2) Do you see one of the states listed here on your Dashboard unexpectedly?