Washington: How do I add my Excise Tax account?

      Why do I need to add my Excise Tax Account?

      You won't be able to file a Washington states sales tax return without first adding your state Excise (sales) Tax account within your Washington My DOR account.

      • If you plan to enroll in AutoFile, you'll need to do this step before enrolling so that TaxJar will be able to AutoFile your Washington returns.

      How can I tell if I need to do this?

      When you first log into the Washington Department of Revenue website with your SAW USER ID and Password, click the green button that says, "Get Started." 

      If you have successfully added your Excise Tax account, it will be visible on your Dashboard, and will look something like this: 

      To successfully enroll in AutoFile, your Excise Tax account needs to appear on your Dashboard. If you do not see a business associated, you will need to add your Excise Tax account. 

      What items do I need to add my Excise Tax Account?

      To get started, you will need:

      • A Letter ID that has been included in official correspondence from the Washington Department of Revenue.
      • Your Account ID (Tax Registration Number)*

        *If you are unsure of your ID number, we recommend that you contact the Washington DOR at 1-800-647-7706.

      How do I add my Excise Tax Account?

      Once you have both your Letter ID and Account ID in hand, you can start adding your Excise Tax account by following the steps below:

      1. From your Business Licensing and Tax homepage, in the "Access" menu, click "Add Access to an Account

      • If you are prompted to enter profile information, complete the required fields, and click the Save button. If not, skip this step.

      2. On the Add Access to a Business or Licensing Account page, enter your Letter ID and click the "Next" button.

      • If you have not yet received a Letter ID, you may request one from the state on this page.

      3. On the ID Validation page, enter your Letter ID click the "Next" button.

      4. On the Gain Access page, enter your Account ID 

      5. Review the account information, and click Submit.

      6. On the Confirmation page, click OK. Your account will now be accessible on the Business Licensing and Tax home page.