Illinois: Registering for the Correct Locations

How do I make sure my Illinois sales tax account is registered for the correct locations?

Illinois requires you to register all of your selling locations with the state.

  • This means that if you have a location in Illinois, or inventory stored in Illinois (a third-party fulfillment center where inventory is stored is considered a location), then you should register with the state as an in-state seller.

To update your state registration for the first time, you will need to contact the Illinois Department of Revenue Registration Division via email ( or phone (217-785-3707) to request this update.

  • Be sure to include your account number
  • Include all in-state addresses (like Illinois FBA warehouses if you use Amazon FBA)
  • Make sure the state updates your location(s) to be effective for the current filing period

If you already have a location registered and need to add more locations, you can do this through your MyTaxIllinois account.

  • Login to your MyTaxIllinois account, click on the ST-1 link and then click the “Maintain locations” link to add sites to your account.

I'm not sure if I have locations in the state that should be registered. How can I determine this?

Your Illinois Sales Tax Report in your TaxJar account will help you determine if you have multiple in state selling locations.

  • If you see locations under “Sales from location within Illinois” you should register these locations with the state:

Which locations should you register if you sell via FBA:

If you sell via FBA, we recommend that you go ahead and register ALL Amazon fulfillment centers in Illinois as your in-state selling locations.  

  • This will help you avoid calling the state to add new locations every time Amazon stores your inventory in a new/different, non-previously registered Illinois warehouse. 
  • Once the state registers these sales sites within their system, you will be able to correctly collect, report and remit sales and use taxes on your tax return according to the rates of each location.
  • You can see a list of all Illinois Amazon fulfillment centers here, but to be more precise, you should check your own Inventory Event Detail report.