TaxJar Security & Privacy Questions

Please read our Privacy Policy for the full details. Recently updated the week of May 21, 2018.

What about GDPR?

In order to use the services from TaxJar, you may be required to submit data to the Company's secure servers. We recognize that data submitted for processing remains the property of the submitting user or the user's company or organization. We will take reasonable measures to ensure that this data remains secure. 

When using SmartCalcs API you are able to control what information you send into TaxJar. We do need some data to perform accurate sales tax calculations and build data for filing sales tax returns. We recommend that as an API customer with GDPR regulation requirements you send in the minimum required data to perform the sales tax calculation service. (The minimum data for non-US sales tax calculations is just the City, Province and Country). We believe this is the responsibility of the data controller under GDPR not the processor. We will process relevant personal data only as necessary to deliver the services we have been entrusted with and pursuant to the applicable service agreement.

I want to know more about how you handle my data?

The TaxJar team has built our application and API on a contemporary web stack. We have utilized infrastructure from trusted and secure companies such as and 
Our team uses git source control and follows a process of testing and code review before all deployments. We will fix and upgrade our systems on an as needed basis. Our databases and systems have routine backups generated with live failover copies available in the worst case scenario. We maintain a QA environment to allow testing of new features. This QA environment is maintained separately from the production environment.
Our application and systems access is limited to contracted employees in the service of our customers and is routinely reviewed by our team. Access to all our systems and source code is password protected utilizing 2-factor authentication and strong passwords. 
If you do cancel your account with TaxJar we reserve the right to remove your data at any time as mentioned during the cancellation process, however we would be happy to work with you to confirm all your information is immediately deleted from our systems. Just send an email.
We have ongoing and future planned efforts to continue to improve and routinely audit our systems security practices and compliance efforts with both our internal data security officer and with security and compliance consultants. 
More Information

We realize many want to know more about GDPR and other specific compliance needs. We take these requests seriously and continue to work with our legal team and outside compliance and security experts. We will continue to focus resources on improving our systems and also documenting further to let you, our customer, know that TaxJar is a trusted partner in help making ecommerce easier.

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