Arkansas: How to identify your license/account type

Arkansas has both a Vendor's Use Tax and a Sales Tax.

  • When you enroll in AutoFile for Arkansas, you'll be asked to confirm which type of tax the state is expecting you to file: Use Tax or Sales Tax.

TaxJar's AutoFile will file in Arkansas based on the account account type you select in your AutoFile enrollment form. 

  • If you provide TaxJar with the incorrect account type in your enrollment form, this may later result in penalties from the state.

If you're not sure which type of license you've been assigned, there are a couple of ways to confirm this:

  • Review the permit confirmation letter you received from the state after registration. This letter will detail if you file Use Tax or Sales Tax.
  • Call the state's registration division to confirm the tax type you were assigned. You can reach the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration at 501-682-7104.