SmartCalcs Product Categories

The categories currently supported with SmartCalcs are shown in this response in our API documentation.

While we can't advise you regarding which category your products would fall into, if we don’t have a category for your specific item and the item isn't taxed at a special rate, you can leave the product code blank and we will treat the item as fully taxable goods.

  • If you know that you don’t want taxes charged on the product, then you can send in the Exempt code of 99999*.

If you'd like to handle product categories we don't yet support directly through our API, you'll need to write some custom code to handle the logic based on the customer's shipping destination state.

  • For example, if you were selling a product category not yet supported by our API, and the customer's billing/shipping address is in state where this product/item is exempt, you would pass our `99999` tax exempt product tax code to our API to ensure no sales tax is collected. 
  • As long as the exemptions are state-specific (and not at the county/city/jurisdiction level), it should be straightforward to handle this.

*Note: If you use the 99999 code, you'll need to file returns manually rather than using AutoFile.

  • Because items categorized using the 99999 code won't match the product exemption categories that are currently fully supported for AutoFile, any items with this code would be treated as fully taxable if you use our system to AutoFile your returns.
  • For this reason, you should only use this product tax code for calculations if you are filing on your own in your nexus states. When you file, you'll need to make sure you classify your sales categorized with the 99999 code with the proper exemption category in the state's return form.

If you would like to request support for a product category that's not listed, please contact our Support and we'll keep you updated on new additions to our supported product tax categories.