Squarespace Getting Started

TaxJar can help you with sales tax calculations, reporting and filing for your Squarespace store. In this guide, we’ll show you what you need to do before you can begin using these features. This guide outlines:

Plan and eligibility

You must be subscribed to either Squarespace’s Commerce Basic or Commerce Advanced plans to be able to successfully connect your Squarespace account to TaxJar via Squarespace Extensions.

On the TaxJar side, for automatic sales tax calculations, you will need to be subscribed to our TaxJar Professional plan or Partner Professional Plan for Squarespace.

For TaxJar Starter plan subscribers, we share more information here.

How to connect Squarespace to your TaxJar account

Navigate to the Squarespace Extensions page for TaxJar, and follow the below steps:

  1. Click Connect to Site.
  2. Then, log in with your Squarespace account and select your Squarespace site. 
  3. Review the Permissions Request and click Allow to continue.
  4. If you are not logged into TaxJar, you'll be prompted to log into your TaxJar account, enter in your Squarespace website and Save and Continue:

  5. You've successfully connected your Squarespace to your TaxJar account! We'll immediately begin importing your Squarespace order data - please note, the amount of data we import depends on if you have a trial account or an active subscription.

How to enable sales tax calculations

Visit your Squarespace store to configure your Tax panel to enable automatic calculations. If prompted, please log in to your TaxJar account.

  1. In the Taxes Panel of your Squarespace account, switch the toggle on beside Enable automatic rates.
  2. In your TaxJar account, review your nexus states settings to confirm the states you would like TaxJar to begin calculating your sales tax. 
  3. Please ensure you have selected Enabled from the dropdown box located under Calculate tax with TaxJar's API section. Be sure to click Save Information at the bottom of the page for each of your nexus states:

Once this is completed, you should begin seeing sales tax calculations appear on orders with shipping addresses located in the nexus states you enabled.

How to categorize your Squarespace products

TaxJar supports classifying these product classes for sellers using Squarespace and we provide step by step instructions on categorizing your products here.

How to disconnect Squarespace from TaxJar

You can remove Squarespace from your TaxJar account by following these two steps:

  1. In your TaxJar account, please click Unlink next to Squarespace in your Linked Accounts.
  2. Then, to ensure you've disabled the extension within Squarespace, log into your Squarespace account > Home Menu > Settings > Extensions.  Select TaxJar and click Disconnect.

Please note that disconnecting Squarespace will not automatically cancel your TaxJar account. To cancel your TaxJar subscription, please see our cancellation instructions here.