Can I give my accountant or CPA access to my TaxJar account?

You sure can!

Please ask your accountant or CPA to sign up for a TaxJar Advisors plan. Once that's done, they'll be able to send you an invitation to their account (at the email address you use to login to your TaxJar account) from within their TaxJar Dashboard.

After you accepted the invitation to your tax advisor's account, your accountant will have the option to transfer the billing for your TaxJar account to them or to allow you to continue to be billed directly by TaxJar. 

  • If your accountant chooses to manage the billing for your TaxJar account directly, then your account will be billed monthly.
  • If you wish to be eligible to purchase an annual subscription,  your accountant must choose for you to manage your billing for your TaxJar account. 

 Please note: Certain account plans will continue to be billed directly by TaxJar as we mention here.

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