TaxJar Guarantee

Accuracy Guarantee

If you are a customer of TaxJar’s API service and a result returned by the service was inaccurate and results in an audit, TaxJar will cover any uncollected sales tax, penalties and interest, resulting from the inaccuracy, up to 2x what you paid TaxJar over the prior 12 months, provided you:

  • Had the TaxJar API service properly set up and configured at the time the inaccurate result was returned,
  • Notify us within 14 days of first receiving notice of audit and share your audit-related information so that we can help research the situation,
  • Allow us to work with the state in case they are wrong (it happens!), to reduce your liability, and you provide reasonable assistance to TaxJar, and
  • Reasonably cooperate in limiting your losses after receiving the negative audit finding.

Filing Guarantee

If you are a customer of TaxJar’s AutoFile service, and TaxJar does not submit your sales tax filing on time, TaxJar will guarantee to:
  • Cover or reimburse the cost of your filing
  • Pay any penalties or interest due to the state as a result of that late filing
Note: TaxJar, however, is not liable if you provide inaccurate or incomplete sales data, AutoFile enrollment information, banking information, or if your bank account is not sufficiently funded when the state attempts to debit your account to pay your sales tax due.