Is the Nexus Established Date required?

When you're setting up your TaxJar account, you’re not required to enter a Nexus Established Date in the State Nexus Settings

We recommend entering this information for the following reasons:

1. By entering your Nexus Established Date, you can ensure that your TaxJar Reports ignore sales that took place before you reached Nexus in a state.

2. If you ever change the structure of your business which results in a new business name or Tax ID/SSN/FEIN and a new TaxJar account and continue to use the same Linked Account, Cart, or Platform, you may find that you need to separate the transaction data under your new business from the transaction data of your old one.

  • Adding a Nexus Established Date in your new TaxJar account will exclude transaction data that took place under your previous business from being included in your Reports.