What do I need to enroll in AutoFile for District of Columbia

To enroll in AutoFile for District of Columbia, you'll need the details listed below:

Washington DC AutoFile Enrollment FAQ

What's my Registered Business Name?

  • This is the business name you provided to the district when you registered for your tax license.
  • It should be listed on your sales tax registration paperwork.

What's my  Sales Tax Account ID?

  • This is the 12-digit account ID that you received from the district when you registered for your sales tax license. This can also be seen in your DC MyTax account.

What's my  Payment Schedule?

What's my  First Filing Period?
  • Pending successful verification, the period listed here is the estimated first filing period TaxJar will file.
  • The First Filing period is based on the date the enrollment form is saved form and the payment schedule.

How do I enable Third Party Access requests in my MyTax DC account?

  1. From within your MyTax DC  account, select “Manage My Profile” in the top right corner
  2. Select the “More…” tab
  3. Under “Access,” select “Manage Third Party Access
  4. Make sure “Allowed” reads Yes
    • If not, clicking the word "No" will prompt you to allow third party access. Select "Yes."
  5. For “Default Account Access,” your settings need to be: 
    • “Type of Access” set to "Third Party"
    • “Type of Account Access” set to “File Returns and Make Payments
  6. Save your changes.

How do I grant Third Party Access once it has been requested?

  1. From your MyTax DC dashboard, select “Action Center
  2. Search for “3rd Party Access Requests
  3. Set the Access Level to “File Returns and Make Payments”
  4. Save and complete to grant access.

If you need help enabling requests for or granting third party access, please contact the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue E-service Desk at 202-759-1946 for assistance.