Louisiana: How do I add my state sales tax return to my Parish e-File account?

To use AutoFile for your Louisiana state tax return, you will need to have your Louisiana Parish e-File account set up to do so. Everything you will need to create this return can be done from within your Parish e-File account. 

Here's how to do this:

  1. When you login to the Parish E-File account you will see a few tabs at the top. Select My Returns 
  2. Under My Returns, choose Return Setup. When you click this, it brings you to a page where you can add a return.
  3. On the Return Setup page, use the drop down menu beside Return, to select LA Dept of Revenue Sales and Use Tax
  4. Then you will enter in your Tax Authority Account Number (TIN). Since this is for a state return, please use your assigned State Tax ID as the Authority Account Number. This will not be the same number as your Federal Tax ID.
  5. Click Add Return.

If you need to register for an Authority Account ID, click Account Center on the menu bar. Click Business Locations. Add a new location and complete the bottom of the form or select an existing location and complete the bottom of the form.

You will not need to add an additional return for your Parish taxes if you have either a Remote Seller or Direct Marketer license type.

You can make sure that you've chosen the correct license type for your account in your Louisiana State Nexus Settings