Why is my shipping not being taxed?

In some states, shipping is considered non-taxable. For those states, you are collecting accurately if you are not collecting sales tax on shipping. 

You can check out our Blog to learn where shipping is considered taxable. If you are looking at a state where shipping is treated as taxable, read on!

If you are seeing no sales tax applied to shipping

Shipping Tax Class

Check that under WooCommerce > Settings > Tax > Shipping Tax Class you have selected Standard? 


Shipping Zones Tax Status set to Taxable

You may also want to check that your Shipping Zones are set as Taxable. This can be found under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Zones. For each Shipping Zone's methods click in and ensure that the Tax Status is Taxable.

Click A Shipping Zone

Click A Shipping Zone's Shipping Method

Check that Tax status is set to Taxable