How to set up your WooCommerce store to collect tax in your nexus states

Our WooCommerce plugin will automatically calculate sales tax for your WooCommerce orders that ship to all nexus states in your TaxJar account's State Settings. 

To add additional states:

  1. Visit your State Settings and click the "Add State with Nexus" button. (For origin-based states, you will need to make sure to add an address.)
  2. You'll also need to be sure that you enable tax calculations for that state by clicking the box under "Calculate Sales Tax in This State".
  3. Once that's done, make sure you go to your WooCommerce → TaxJar → Step 2 settings and click the "Sync Nexus Addresses" button. Also, the WooCommerce Base Location (under WooCommerce → Settings → General → Store Address) state and TaxJar Business Profile address will be taken into account so make sure to set that to the proper state and country as well.

    When your customers go through the checkout, you should see tax applied for the states that appeared above the Sync Nexus Address button in WooCommerce → TaxJar → Step 2.