Overriding tax rates and exempting products in WooCommerce

As of version 1.3.1, our WooCommerce plugin now supports product taxability to handle exemptions for categories like clothing or food and grocery. To exempt products, you'll first need to create a custom tax class under WooCommerce > Settings > Tax. Next to “Additional tax classes” there’s a box where you can type in a new tax class. To set up a clothing tax class, add “Clothing - 20010” on a new line:

20010 is the clothing product tax code passed to our sales tax API for exemptions. If your products belong in another category, you can find a list of categories and tax codes we support here: https://developers.taxjar.com/api/reference/#categories

Once you add a new tax class, make sure your products are assigned to the new tax class. When editing a product, change the tax class to “Clothing - 20010” under the General tab and save it:

If you need fully exempt products from sales tax, set the "Tax status" dropdown to "None".

You can also exempt specific customers from sales tax using the following plugins or methods:

  • For VAT exemptions, consider using the EU VAT Number plugin
  • For wholesale / resale customer exemptions, consider using the WooCommerce Tax Exempt plugin
  • Alternatively, add your own "Tax Exempt" user meta field and customize our plugin to skip tax calculations

For additional help configuring your catalog for product exemptions, please contact us.