Connect your WooCommerce account

To get started with WooCommerce we do recommend creating an API Token and then installing the TaxJar for WooCommerce plugin. (We show you how to do this here.)

Please install our WooCommerce plugin to connect your store. This allows TaxJar to set the correct tax rates and collect the data needed to file your returns. Once your store is synced with TaxJar your data is updated in real-time through our API.

What if I do not see my transactions in TaxJar? 

If you don't see completed or refunded orders in TaxJar shortly after installing the plugin, go to the “Sync Queue” under WooCommerce > TaxJar > Sync Queue to ensure the transactions are pushed to TaxJar:

Zoom taxjar-woocommerce-sync-queue.png

We also recommend enabling “Debug Mode” under WooCommerce > TaxJar > Settings to review API requests in your logs if you come across any issues. Once enabled, you can find logs for calculations, transactions, and customers under WooCommerce > Status > Logs.

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