Connect your WooCommerce account

To get started with WooCommerce we do recommend creating an API Token and then installing the TaxJar for WooCommerce plugin. (We show you how to do this here.)

With the plugin you can get tax calculation more accurate at time of checkout and also having the plugin installed also makes it easy to setup the access we need to download your order history so we can update your transaction data current every night.

If you do not want to install the plugin, you can still connect to TaxJar for order history download to get our state sales tax reports.

  • To do this, make sure to follow the steps to create the user in WordPress, then copy the credentials and your WooCommerce store URL into the "Connect" page in your TaxJar account.


If you have trouble connecting, double-check a few items:

  • Use the WordPress Site Address (URL) from the General Settings tab
  • Make sure the WooCommerce REST API is enabled. (https://{{wordpress_site_url}}/wc-api/v2)
  • Confirm the Key and Secret for the user exist and are copied correctly
  • If you have an SSL certificate make sure it is giving a green icon in your browser
  • Any Caching or Security plugins could cause conflicts with our ability to download your order history.

If that doesn't work please let us know your store URL and the user token and secret you tried entering so we can investigate further