How to Install the WooCommerce Sales Tax Plugin from TaxJar

* WooCommerce Plugin Version 3.03.

  • Some integrations require upgraded plans. If you do not have the option listed below in your account, please contact us at for our Support Team to review the correct plan for you! 

1.  Login to TaxJar.

2.   Go to Account > TaxJar API and click "Generate API Live Token"

3.   Copy your TaxJar API Token. Or leave window open for copy/paste in below setup.

Then please go to your WordPress/WooCommerce site.

1.  Go to WooCommerce > TaxJar.

2. Then, copy and paste your API token from your new or existing TaxJar account into the box under Step 1: Activate your TaxJar WooCommerce Plugin.

3. Click Save Changes which leads to Step 2: Configure your sales tax settings:

Please note, you should have already verified your Store Address in WooCommerce > Settings > General. 
 TaxJar automatically detects your Ship From Address by looking at your Store Address.

  • If you make changes, don’t forget to Save Changes.
  • If everything is correct, no need to save.

5. Go to:  WooCommerce > Settings > Integrations

6. Check the box for Enable TaxJar Calculations.

7. Sales Tax Reporting is covered in this section here, and the box for Enable order downloads need not be ticked at this time.

8. (Option) Enable logging under Debug Log. It is recommended as it can be helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

9. Click Save Changes! 

Installation complete. Please note, you will need to enable your Nexus States which we tell you how to do here