WooCommerce 3.0 update

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What's in the Update?
Sales Tax Reporting
Importing Previous WooCommerce Transactions:
How do I get started?
Will this remove existing orders in my TaxJar account?

We released a major upgrade for our WooCommerce plugin (v3.0) with support for product and customer exemptions. 

  • You’ll now be able to exempt products and customers directly inside WooCommerce and have it reflected in your TaxJar account for reporting and filing through AutoFile.
  • It’s also going to be faster and easier to sync your WooCommerce orders into TaxJar through our new API transaction sync feature.

What’s in the update?

Your WooCommerce orders will now be pushed through our API directly rather than pulled down by TaxJar on a nightly basis. This means new orders will show up in TaxJar quickly. You’ll also be able to pass tax-exempt products and customers into our system for reporting and filing. Lastly, you’ll now get reporting and filing support for the following:

  • Local pickup orders
  • Partial refunds
  • Custom fees on order

If you previously experienced issues getting your WooCommerce orders into TaxJar,  we highly recommend this update.

Sales tax reporting

You can see how this works behind-the-scenes by going to the TaxJar tab under WooCommerce > Settings and clicking the “Sync Queue” link:

TaxJar Transaction Sync Queue

Importing previous WooCommerce transactions:

If you need to backfill your historical WooCommerce transactions into TaxJar, use the  Transaction Backfill tool:

TaxJar Transaction Sync Backfill

How do I get started?

*If you have not yet installed WooCommerce, please follow these instructions here first:  WooCommerce TaxJar Plugin Installation & Guide

  1. Please go to your WordPress admin panel. 
  2. Then upgrade the TaxJar - Sales Tax Automation for WooCommerce plugin under Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  3. If sales tax reporting is already enabled in your configuration, we’ll automatically begin syncing transactions through our API.

Will this remove existing orders in my TaxJar account?

No, it won’t. We’ll automatically migrate your existing WooCommerce connection in TaxJar over to our new API transaction sync. Your existing WooCommerce orders will remain intact and we’ll begin syncing over new orders through the plugin to ensure there are no duplicates. We spent a lot of time ensuring a seamless transition with no additional work on your end.