My WooCommerce Store Isn't Collecting Tax

This is a brief article about how to make sure your website is collecting tax in your  nexus states once the TaxJar WooCommerce Plugin is installed.
💡If you've already set up your nexus states, please check your Product Taxability configuration is set correctly to be Taxed vs Untaxed. 

1) Make sure to set up your nexus addresses in your TaxJar account.

First record any states where you have nexus in your TaxJar account's State Settings. From the Dashboard go to Account >  State Settings > Add State with Nexus. You'll want to put in as much address information as you have for each state.


Once you have completed this step in TaxJar, go back to WooCommerce and go to WooCommerce > TaxJar and click the "Sync Nexus Addresses" button. Once it finishes syncing there will be a popup to let you know it is finished, and your nexus states will be listed on this page above the button.
This will align WooCommerce tax calculations with the settings in your TaxJar account. 

2) Make sure Enable TaxJar Calculations in WooCommerce is checked.

Double check that within WooCommerce > TaxJar settings the checkbox for "Enable TaxJar Calculations" is selected. This signals to WooCommerce that it should be using TaxJar to perform tax calculations.

3) If using TaxJar for reporting, make sure you enable order downloads to TaxJar.

If you would like to enable this feature, select the box for "Enable Order Downloads", this can be found under WooCommerce > TaxJar settings.


Here are some additional resources to help you get started with WooCommerce & TaxJar!