Using Square as a Payment Processor for websites such as Weebly or Wix and and other websites allow merchants to use Square (or PayPal) as a payment processor for checkout. 

Although Square/PayPal processes the actual payment, the order itself takes place outside of Square/PayPal, which means that most of the order details that our system needs to create accurate Sales Tax Reports will not be stored in the Square/PayPal invoice.

  • In this scenario, orders placed through your website (such as Weebly or Wix) can be imported into TaxJar through our Square/PayPal integration.
  • Unfortunately, because the order originates on a platform outside of Square/PayPal (which have a direct integration with TaxJar), the order information imported into your account will likely be incomplete, resulting in a miss-assignment of numbers or incomplete address details which will affect the accuracy of your TaxJar Reports.
  • We do not recommend connecting Square/PayPal to your TaxJar account if you are using Square/PayPal as a payment processor for a platform that is not listed on the Linked Accounts page.

If you're using Square or PayPal as a payment processor for a website built on a platform outside of our direct integrations, we instead recommend that you use the CSV import feature to get your orders into TaxJar.

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