Xero: Getting started

If you have questions regarding our integration with Xero, here's some information to get you started.

Can I link Xero to TaxJar?

As of 08/30/2022, new Xero account connections will no longer be supported. However, we will continue to support legacy Xero connections for existing customers.

What will I see in Xero after my monthly export?

We export your sales tax data to the liabilities in Xero, and the name will be "Sales Tax - StateName" with a code of "220-{StateCode}". 

  • Our integration with Xero is designed to record sales tax as a liability and not a credit, and our system also chooses the account code. These features cannot be custom-configured.
  • Please note that we post a monthly sales tax total to Xero. Individual transactions will not be exported to Xero.

Once you have filed and remitted payment to the state, you can record the payments for the bills/invoices created in Xero.

  • Recording your sales tax payment in TaxJar will not export the payment to Xero. This payment must be recorded manually within Xero.