Why does my Amazon link say to "Fix Issues"?

This error is often the result of mistyping your Seller ID or MWS token (or both) from Amazon into the form in your TaxJar account. If there are any incorrect letters or numbers, mistakes in lower or upper case or extra spaces inserted, the system will reject the connection until the details you are entering in TaxJar exactly match the details from your Amazon account with no extra spaces, characters or mistakes in the characters you are entering.

To "Fix Issues," please visit your Linked Accounts page.

  • Click on the Amazon icon and follow the instructions you see.
  • Once the details you enter in TaxJar exactly match the details from Amazon, your transaction download should work on the next attempt.

Another reason that you might see this error is because of Amazon's MWS renewal policy.

If you're still having trouble reconnecting your Amazon account, we have some more tips here.