WooCommerce: Why was sales tax collected in a state where I don't have nexus?

The WooCommerce plugin will automatically calculate sales tax on all orders to customers in states that you have enabled as nexus states in your TaxJar State Settings.

Please note, WooCommerce may also have internal rates stored within your WooCommerce site.

  • You can locate this within your WooCommerce configuration settings. You can review these by going to: WooCommerce Admin > Settings > Tax > Standard rates.
  •  If you have a state where you do not have nexus established & the TaxJar API enabled in your State Settings, WooCommerce can still pull a rate from these internal rates tables instead.
  • This may cause some non-nexus states to return tax calculations, as these rates are internally stored and can be referenced for a transaction.

We recommend that you clear out these internal tax rates, and we walk you through the process of deleting those tax rates here.