How do I link Xero to TaxJar?

You can connect your Xero bookkeeping account to TaxJar. TaxJar creates new sales tax liability accounts for each state in which you collect and file. Each month, we’ll create new bills/invoices for the sales tax you’ve collected that you can export to Xero. Get that balance sheet and income statement corrected – with no additional work.

Does TaxJar import my sales data from Xero?

No--at the moment, TaxJar's Xero integration is just designed to export data from TaxJar to Xero; we explain more in this Guide. Meaning, TaxJar doesn't import sales data from Xero just yet.

  • If you'd like to request that we import sales data from Xero into your TaxJar account, please reach directly out to to submit an integration request.