My TaxJar reports are expecting my exempt Magento transactions to have been taxed

Regrettably, we do not yet have the ability to pull the product tax codes on your transactions in from the Magento SOAP/XML API. To get around this, you'll need to upgrade to the beta version of our Magento plugin. This will bypass the SOAP/XML API in Magento and when an order is marked as 'complete' or 'closed', your site will automatically push the data to TaxJar for reports and it will immediately become available inside of your TaxJar account for reporting purposes.

To enable this new syncing feature, once the plugin is installed, you'll want to go to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax and enable the transaction sync feature.  Then you'll need to follow these instructions once your data is in TaxJar.

The reason why it's still in beta is:

  • The provider for these transactions will no longer be listed as 'Magento' inside of TaxJar. They will look like 'API' transactions. 
    • The issue with this is that if you try to backfill any data using the new transaction sync feature (you are able to select a date range and push any completed order into TaxJar in that range) you run the risk of duplicated data. 
    • Our system considers a transaction to be unique if it has a 'provider' and 'transaction_id' combination that does not yet exist inside of TaxJar. Any order that you backfill into TaxJar or any new orders that are imported will have a provider of "API" and the original order_id. So moving forward, no issues will arise. The issues will only take place if you try to backfill a date in which we already have data from Magento because orders will be duplicated.

    If you install the beta, please make sure you disconnect the connection between TaxJar and your SOAP/XML API.  You can do this by going to clicking on Manage Linked Accounts and unlinking your old connection. If orders have already been imported from the current version of your Magento plugin into TaxJar, we recommend reaching out to support so we can make sure there are no duplicate orders inside of TaxJar.