Stripe Orders API Deprecation Update

In November 2019, Stripe announced that their Orders API was deprecated and TaxJar's integration with Stripe was built using this API. 

As a result of this decision by Stripe, we are discontinuing support for our integration.

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How this affects TaxJar customers using Stripe Orders API:

We recommend confirming that you are using the Orders API for your Stripe transactions  and here's how: 

Did you create Products inside of Stripe? (If you did, you'll see them here.)

  • If the answer is no, then you are currently using Stripe via the Subscriptions or for your basic payment processor.  This is a mode we do not support downloading transaction history into TaxJar. Therefore, your account is not affected and no changes need to be made. 
  • If yes, then you are using the Orders API and you will see these calculations become inaccurate as Stripe drops their support for this API.

You do still currently have options to ensure you are getting the most out of what TaxJar has to offer with Stripe in the meantime via our API!

  • For calculations: Use our /v2/taxes the TaxJar API endpoint to ensure you are getting accurate rates that you can then pass into Stripe
  • For reporting/filing: Use our /v2/transactions endpoints to sync your orders and refunds into TaxJar

How this affects TaxJar customers using Stripe Subscriptions or Stripe Billing/Payments:

Stripe Subscriptions and Stripe Billing/Payments are not currently supported, so the good news is that you are not affected and no changes need to be made.

  • If you're using Stripe Subscriptions with TaxJar, then you've most likely been using Stripe via our API

Does TaxJar work with Stripe? 

Yes! You will need to build your own custom integration. 

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