We here at TaxJar understand that this is a time of great uncertainty. You likely have a lot on your mind right now, and sales tax shouldn’t be one of those worries. While these are unusual times, TaxJar’s operations remain uninterrupted and we are here to ensure you collect, file and pay sales tax as usual. 

Below are some common questions we have recently received due to COVID-19 and the resulting economic uncertainty. If you have questions we didn’t cover here, send us an email at

Will TaxJar Continue to AutoFile my Sales Tax Returns?

Yes. TaxJar will continue to AutoFile your sales and use tax returns as planned and do not foresee any interruption in service.

We are fortunate that, as a company where all employees already worked totally remotely, TaxJar’s operations have not been adversely impacted by social distancing measures. 

Can I Pause/Suspend my TaxJar account?

If you would like to receive more information about an option to temporarily pause your TaxJar account, please reach out at

Can I pause AutoFile without canceling my AutoFile Enrollment?

Yes, find instructions on how to pause AutoFile here. Keep in mind that you will still be responsible for filing any sales tax returns due, and remitting any sales tax due, while AutoFile is paused. 

How do I cancel AutoFile?

If you need to cancel an AutoFile enrollment, please follow these instructions.

Which states are offering sales tax filing and payment extensions?

Some states have already offered extensions for filing and/or paying sales tax. We are keeping an updated list of states that have announced sales tax extensions here.

  • While some state sales tax filing extensions are automatic, others require that taxpayers file for an extension or take other steps. 
  • We’ll update each state’s instructions on sales tax extensions here.