Connecting Stripe for TaxJar Reporting

Depending on your TaxJar plan, you can connect your Stripe account within your Linked Accounts in your TaxJar account. 

All TaxJar customers can enable Reporting for Stripe.

  1. Please log into your TaxJar account and go to your Linked Accounts page. 
  2. Click the Stripe icon: 

  3. You'll be redirected to confirm and connect your Stripe account.

  4. Once connected, you will return back to your TaxJar account.

If you've been approved to join TaxJar's Stripe Beta program and have already linked your Stripe account, you will need to edit your existing Stripe connection with TaxJar to enable Tax Calculations. (Want to know more about the Beta? Learn more here).

  1. Please go to your Linked Accounts page and click "Edit"
  2. Next, check the checkbox: "Calculate taxes for invoices" and click Save & Continue.

 Important: Please be sure to enable API calculations for your nexus states in your TaxJar account’s State Nexus Settings by checking the box under “Calculate Sales Tax in This State”.