How to connect BigCommerce to your TaxJar account?

If you have already connected BigCommerce to your TaxJar account and wish to enable TaxJar-powered calculations, we show you how to do that here!

In order to connect your BigCommerce store to your TaxJar account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce account
  2. Select "Store Setup > Tax" and then click "Add tax service"
  3. Click "Install" next to TaxJar.
  4. The next page is to authorize connecting TaxJar to your BigCommerce store - click Confirm to continue. You may then need to log in to your TaxJar account.
    *We offer some helpful tips here regarding connecting your BigCommerce store.

  5. After confirming and logging in to TaxJar, you've successfully set up your BigCommerce store integration with TaxJar!