How to connect BigCommerce to your TaxJar account

If you have already connected BigCommerce to your TaxJar account and wish to enable TaxJar-powered calculations, we show you how to do that here.

Important Note: at this time, TaxJar supports connecting one BigCommerce account to a TaxJar account. If you would like to request support for BigCommerce's Multi-Store Front feature, please reach out to our TaxJar Support Team to share your interest.

In order to connect your BigCommerce store to your TaxJar account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce account
  2. Select "Store Setup > Tax" and then click "Add tax service"
  3. Click "Install" next to TaxJar.
  4. The next page is to authorize connecting TaxJar to your BigCommerce store - click Confirm to continue. You may then need to log in to your TaxJar account.

  5. After confirming and logging in to TaxJar, you've successfully set up your BigCommerce store integration with TaxJar.

Please review how to set up your tax calculations within BigCommerce here.