How do I remove backup rates for a nexus state in Magento?

Magento 1 is no longer supported. New Magento 1 account connections will no longer be supported, please use the Magento 2 integration. Learn more about this here

To remove backup rates for certain states from your native tax tables in Magento 1 or Magento 2,  please first head to your TaxJar State nexus settings and ensure the states are either removed as nexus locations or that the TaxJar API is disabled. 

To do this, click ' Edit' next to the state you would like to remove backup rates for and either:

  1. Uncheck the setting "API calls will return sales tax amounts to collect for this state" if you are removing rates from Magento, but still, consider this a nexus state.
  2. Check "No longer have nexus or need to file in this state (hide from the dashboard)" if you are no longer collecting sales tax in the state.
Next, you will need to head to your Magento configuration and take the following actions:
  • Navigate to Stores -> Nexus Addresses and make sure that the nexus addresses for those states are removed
  • Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax and disconnect, then immediately reconnect TaxJar.
  • Navigate to Stores -> Nexus Addresses and click "Sync from TaxJar"

We want to make sure this is done quickly if it's in a production environment to make sure TaxJar is back up and running.

Once this is done, all the backup rates will be removed. 

  • If you'd like to bring back in the rates for the states left in your nexus addresses settings, click the "Sync Backup Rates" button and you should be good to go.