Who is Mark Faggiano?

 Why did I receive a 3rd party access request from him?

Mark Faggiano is TaxJar's founder. In order to ensure TaxJar receives access to your sales tax accounts during your AutoFile enrollment, TaxJar may need to request 3rd party access to your account using the sales tax account number and other information you previously provided. 

  • This 3rd party access request is for file and pay access and will not affect the owner account you have set up.
  • After TaxJar requests this access, the state mails the notification letter to you, along with the 3rd party security code TaxJar will need to access your account.

You will have received an email from our AutoFile team notifying you of the next steps. Once you've received your letter, please follow the instructions in this email to proceed with your AutoFile enrollment.