Amazon badges

The  Amazon Fulfillment badge feature denotes states where you have nexus due to FBA inventory

TaxJar will automatically tell you where you have FBA nexus by adding the state to your account Dashboard with an Amazon badge next to the state name. 

If you see a badge next to the state name, this means that we've seen your inventory being shipped out of a warehouse in that state during the time frame of sales data that we've imported.

  • You automatically have nexus in your home state, and since you are an FBA seller, you also have nexus in states where your Amazon inventory is stored. 
  • Our system detects that your inventory has recently shipped from states where you see that badge.
Some people prefer to register as soon as they know that their inventory is in the Amazon warehouse. 
  • At this time, our system does not monitor inventory at rest; this means that the Amazon badge will be added after we see an item ship out to one of your customers from a warehouse in that state. 
  • If you need to review your FBA inventory, the best way to definitively determine the states where you have nexus would be to regularly check your inventory in Amazon reports.